The Service Discharge Benefit Scheme for Gramin Dak Sevaks

Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(Establishment Division)

The 1st APRIL2011


Subject: The Service Discharge Benefit Scheme for Gramin Dak Sevaks.
The undersigned is directed to refer to this Directorate letter of even No. dated; Ist September, 2010 regarding introduction of a Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS) for the Gramin Dak Sevaks, working in this Department.
2.0 The Government has decided to introduce the new Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS) with effect from the Ist April, 2011. A copy of the provisional Regulations, governing the Scheme is enclosed. It is requested that all necessary arrangements may kindly be made at all levels as well as in Circle Postal Accounts Offices, in accordance with these provisional Regulations, to facilitate smooth and satisfactory implementation of the Scheme from the Ist April, 2011 positively.
2.1 First installment of contribution by the Department @ Rs.200/= (rupees two hundred only) per month, in respect of each GDS, enrolled under the Scheme, shall become payable in the month of April, 2011, while drawing the TRCA for the month (April,2011); The contribution shall be remitted to the Trustee Bank, i.e. Bank of India.
3.0 The Scheme shall be operated utilizing the platform of the "NPS-LITE"scheme of the Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority (PFRDA), as adopted by this Department in its modified form.
3.1 The National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) has been appointed as Central Record keeping Agency (CRA) by PFRDA/NPS TRUST, for providing centralized record keeping, administration and customer service functions for all beneficiaries of the SDBS, like, NPS-lite.
3.2 The Bank of India (BOI) shall function as the TRUSTEE BANK, which will provide banking services to the Scheme, including uploading of details of contribution received from Aggregator cum-Accounts Officer (AO) in specified file format to CRA, transfer of funds to PFM's accounts as per instructions of the CRA as well as the Government, from time to time. It would manage the Pension Funds in accordance with applicable provisions of the NPS Lite, the SDBScheme, the guidelines/notifications, issued by PFRDA and the Government of India, from time to time as per applicable Law.
3,3 It has been decided to manage the funds deposited under SDBS, on the pattern of Central Government Scheme of the NPS Lite, Therefore, the following shall function as Pension Fund Managers (PFM) for investments and management of the funds under the Scheme;-
1. LIC Pension Fund,
2. SBI Pension Fund Limited; and
3. UTI Retirement Solutions Limited ,
3.4 The approved Annuity Service Providers (ASPs) would be responsible for delivering a regular monthly pension to the subscribers/beneficiaries or his/ her spouse (in case of death of the subscribers/beneficiary)for the rest of his/her life under the Scheme.

4.0 The GDS opting to switch over to the SDBS by 30th April, 2011, shall be deemed to have opted for the Scheme W.e.f. Ist April 2011 itself and the arrears of contribution from April, 2011 onwards shall be remitted to the Trustee Bank on their enrollment and receipt of PRAN Cards from the CRA, subsequently.

4.1 Similarly, w.e.f. 1st April, 2011, the contribution is respect of those GDS, who have since opted for switchover to the SDB Scheme, but their enrollment could not be completed and PRAN Cards have not been received by April, 2011, the arrear/contribution from 1st April, 2011-onwards shall be remitted to the Trustee Bank on their enrollment and receipt of PRAN Cards from the CRA.
4.2 Only the Department shall contribute a sum of Rs. 200/ = (two hundred only) per month for each GDS subscriber/beneficiary. The GDS are not required to make any matching contribution, under the Scheme.
5.1 The HPOs./HROs/DDOs. Shall be required to calculate the period of satisfactory service of each GDS enrolled under the Scheme (i.e. whose registration with the CRA has since been completed and PRAN Card has been received) and also those, who have since opted for switchover to the Scheme but are yet to be enrolled/their PRAN Kit is yet to be received, with reference to the payrolls and other records available with them, duly verified by the Divisional Head concerned in order to ensure accuracy and correctness. They shall than calculate the amount of Severance Amount accrued @ Rs.1500/= (Rupees one thousand five hundred only) for each completed year of service, for each of the beneficiary and prepare unit-wise list, mentioning all relevant details of the GDS concerned (including PRAN Details and the amount of accrued Severance Amount), for completed years/months.
(a) In case of period being less than a year, the amount of severance amount shall be calculated/arrived at on proportionate basis, for completed months. The period being less than 15 days may be ignored while the period of 15 days or more may be taken as a complete month, while calculating the proportionate amount of severance amount.
5.2 One copy each of these Lists shall be forwarded by the HPO/HRO to the concerned head of Unit/Division of the GDS enrolled under SDBS, for verification and to the PAO (AO), for the purpose of "pre-check like authorization" of the amount calculated and reflected in these lists. Only after having been verified by the Divisional Head as also pre-checked by the PAO, the Head Postmaster and/or Head Records Officer, shall finalise the lists, make necessary entries in the Registers (SDBS-2) under the dated initials of the head of Office/Head of Unit, and simultaneously send final copies of the lists to PAO as well as Collection Centres enabling them to make necessary entries in the Registers (SDBS-2) maintained at their end under the dated initials of the head of Office/Unit concerned. The Head Postmaster/Head Records Officer shall invariably certify at the end of the list that the entries pertaining to the details of GDS, satisfactory service as well as accrued severance amount have been checked by him/her personally, the same stand verified by the Head of Unit and pre-checked by the PAO concerned, under his/her dated signatures. These list shall be kept in separate guard files in chronological order for future references, as a permanent record by all concerned. Format of List, enclosed to this OM may be utilized for the purpose.
5.3 The accrued severance amounts are not required to be remitted to the Trusteed Bank at this stage. The Collection Centres, HPO/HRO/DDOs. As well as PAO are required to calculate, check and verify the same and make suitable entries in the relevant columns of the Registers of GDS enrolled un SDBS (form: SDBS-2) under the dated signatures of the head of office/unit concerned.
5.4 The regular contribution amounts shall be drawn through separate bills in respect of all enrolled GDS, showing the amount as simultaneously adjusted for remittance under SDB Scheme, against the names of each GDS in the Bills, every month. the bills shall be assigned separate serial numbers and distinctly reflected in their accounts/accounted for as Bills paid and simultaneously adjusted for remittance to Trustee Bank (by the PAO), and sent to the PAO alongwith the List of GDS in prescribed proforms (SDBS-4).
5.5 The PAO (AO) shall consolidate the contribution amounts, account for the same, prepare consolidated contribution lists in the form SBDS-5 and remit the amounts through cheque to the Trustee Bank by 5th each month positively.
6. The funds accumulated under the Scheme shall be administered by the New Pension System Trust (NPS Trust) and investment activities/responsibilities shall be carried out by the Pension Fund Managers (PFMs.) in accordance with these Regulations.
7. The Department has opted the Central Government Investment pattern for investment of the funds accumulated in the SDBS Fund, by the PFMs., in accordance with the instructions from PFRDA, NPS Trust as well as this Department, issued from time to time.
8. Fortnightly progress reports (Collection Centre-Wise, to be compiled by CO), containing the progress of exercising of options by GDS, their enrollment by CRA and receipt of PRAN kits/Cards, remitting of Contribution Amounts (by PAO), may please by sent to Shri. S.V. Rao, Assistant Director General (Estt.), Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110116. The first such report should be sent by 16th April, 2011, both by PAO and CO separately.
9. Receipt of this Memorandum alongwith provisional Regulations may be acknowledged to Shri L.N. Sharma, Assistant Accounts Officer (PAP), Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-1, by return fax/post.
TELE: 011-2309 6036 / 2303 6793
FAX: 011-2309 6007 / 2309 6036