The Supdt.of Post office

Nalgonda Division

Nalgonda 508001.

            No.AIPEU/ GDS(NFPE)/1/2013 dated at Nalgonda the 20.05.2013.

Sub :-   Submission of newly elected Office Bearers AIPEU GDS(NFPE)  

Nalgonda division- reg



                        This is to inform that the General Body meeting AIPEU GDS(NFPE)   was held on 19.05.2013 at Town hall, Nalgonda under the President ship of Sri.M.Chandra Reddy Convener Adhoc Committee AIPEU GDS(NFPE). 


The following GDS officials were elected unanimously as divisional office bearers of AIPEU GDS (NFPE), Nalgonda division.


Sri.S.Bixapathi BPM RepakaPatti BO a/w Mothcore SO

Vice President            
1. Sri.MD.Janimiaya GDSMC Peddavoora SO                                                                                           2. Sri.B.Jagandham EDMC Rehemkhanpur a/w Atmakur SO               
3. Sri.K.Anjanayelu BPM Pasunoor BO a/w Namapally SO.

Sri.M.Chandra Reddy BPM Marriguda BO A/w Nalgonda HO

 Asst. Secretary

1.  Sri.MA.Shukoor GDSSV Nalgonda HO
2. Sri.B.Rama Swamy GDSMC Naryanpur SO                                                                                            
3.Sri.K.Laxman GDSMC Pochampally SO                                                                                            
4.  Sri.SK.Jahangir BPM Gummdavalli BO a/w Gudipally SO      

Financial Secretary    

Sri.A.Narasimha GDSMD Nalgonda HO

Asst. Financial Secretary  
Sri.S.Bixapathi GDSMC Bhongiri HO

Organizing Secretary   :-
1. Sri.G.Anjaiah GDSMC Chinthapally SO                                                                                                   2. Sri.MA.Martin GDSMC Munipampula                                                                                          
3. Sri.Y.Shoban babu BPM ookondi BO a/w Mungode SO
4. Sri.S.Dasuru BPM Bogguladoni BO a/w Dindi SO.

  As such SPOS is requested to extend trade union facilities to the above office Bearers

                                    Thanking You

Yours faithfully



Convener Adhoc Committee AIPEU GDS(NFPE)



Copy to :-

1.                  Circle Secretary AIPEU GDS(NFPE), AP Circle, Hyderbaad 500 001.

2.                  The General Secretary AIPEU GDS(NFPE) New Delhi 110008.

3.                  The Secretary General NFPE , New Delhi


Combined General meeting sheduled to held on 10.05.2013

Sri B.V.Sudhakar, CPMG, A.P.Circle Assumed the charge on 15/05/2013

Sri B.V.Sudhakar, CPMG, A.P.Circle Assumed the charge on 15/05/2013

Dear Comrades,
Sri B.V.Sudhakar, CPMG, A.P.Circle has been assumed the charge on 15/05/2013. A delegation under the leadership of Sri DASV Prasad along with available Circle Office Bearers met the Newly assumed CPMG Sri B.V.Sudhakar and some important and burning issues have been brought to the notice for consideration and immediate action.
1. Postman and MTS recruitment has been delayed since long time, it is requested to take immediate action and issue suitable instructions to the units for immediate recruitment of the posts. It is assured and instructions have been issued to concerned section to follow up the matter on the spot.
2. Since long time there is a cap of one month NOC/Leave for the official who are going to abroac. It is requested to remove the cap on NOC/Leave and at least grant 3 months NOC/Leave to the officials who are going to abroad in the cases where the divisional administration is recommended.
3. Immediate filling up of all LSG/HSG-II and HSG-I vacant posts in PO and RMS Offices. It is assured to filling up of all vacant posts.
4. Consideration of Rule-38 transfers with in the HCR region. since long time the Rule-38 transfers within the HCR region is stopped. It is assured that the matter will be considered and necessary instructions will be issued to the concerned.
On behalf of AIPEU Group-C, welcomed the CPMG and requested for mutual co-operation while settling the issues and the CPMG also assured his best.
Note: It is ascertained from the confidential sources that HSG-I promotions and Postings will be finalized by Monday.

B.Rama Krishna

Divisional Secretary

AIPE Group C, Nalgonda division